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About Healthsites is a leading medical portal for non-medical people and healthcare professionals. In particular it brings together, under one bookmark, the best medical websites that are often competing for your attention.

This is an independent web site with the aim of providing quick, easy access to the best medical resources on the internet. The Healthsites portal provides a quick route to medical and health resources covering the following area for patients, doctors and other healthcare and medical professionals: National Health Service organisations, Local NHS services, Patients leaflets, Health news, Medical advice, Complementary medicines, Diagnosis sites, and Alternative therapies. The site is easy to navigate with selected sites opening in a fresh browser window, retaining your Healthsites open home page for further reference.

The Patient Zone focuses on providing reliable, quality medical information links, with priority given to resources that are particularly suitable and clearly presented for non-medical people. If you cannot easily find what you are looking for, then try the on site Search facility or the included search engines section. If you are looking for more technical information then try the Doctor Zone.

The Doctor Zone sites have an obvious focus on providing quality medical information, with priority given to resources that are particularly suitable for UK healthcare professionals in their daily work. Evidence based resources and vast databases are identified for medical searches. Some of these resources are password controlled by the website owners.

Feedback is welcome and recommended sites will be considered for inclusion. All web sites listed in are chosen on the basis of their superior content and reviewed prior to acceptance.

Founder & Owner is Dr Trevor Underwood, a full time NHS General Practitioner, in Reading, Berkshire. The site has been constructed by Worth Media,