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1 BBC Health News
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5 NetDoctor - free access to Cochrane Library & Medline Special
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10 Medinfo - about 70 health factsheets
11 Surgery Door - Health in your area
12 Surgery Door - Complementary Medicine
13 - Patient support Groups
14 Medscape
15 BUBL LINK - Comprehensive catalogue of Internet Health Resources
17 Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics
18 OMNI - Organising Medical Networked Information
19 Telephone Helplines Directory online

Whether you are a Doctor, Nurse or any other medical professional, this page leads you to the sites & practice tools most useful for your daily work particularly in the "Helplines & Patient Leaflets" Category.

Look logically in Category Sections to quickly find most topics.

The simple on-site "search" is quick and has thousands of search words, but it is not boolean or intuitive. Consider using a single word or common abbreviation, or type "e medicine", or browse the Category Sections. The "Search Engines & Databases" Category has sophisticated resources that will help you find even the most obscure information within a few clicks.

Feedback is welcome , particularly on failed searches which will be promptly rectified. Additional recommended sites will be considered.

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